Making Your Environment Safe!

Michigan’s Expert in Environmental Cleanup

Tolson’s Total Environmental cleanup is a contracting company, in Michigan, that specializes in making your environment safe from mold, asbestos, and meth contamination.  We have a reputation for providing high quality environmental clean up services at a great rate.  Our staff is highly trained and certified to handle your individual needs in a timely and safe manner, making your environment safe again.

What We Do at Tolson’s Total Environmental

Environmental Cleanup of Mold
Environmental Cleanup of Asbestos
Environmental Cleanup of Meth Labs

Mold Remediation and CleanUp
Asbestos Abatement 
Meth-lab Decontamination

When it comes to mold we test to see what kind of mold we are dealing with and then take the necessary steps to fix the issue.  At the end it is our job to return to you a safe and livable area. Learn More…
Asbestos poses a significant threat to you and your loved ones.  At Tolson’s Total Environmental our staff is trained to deal with and safely remove asbestos from the area and properly dispose of the  asbestos. Learn More…
Meth-lab cleanup requires skill and equipment to properly remove, clean, and dispose of contaminated area or items.  Our staff is certified to undergo this task and deliver a clean and safe environment for you to enjoy.  Learn More…

Environmental Cleanup is our specialty, but we also offer on site demolition and interior and exterior painting.  We look forward to helping you take your environment from contaminated to safe again. Our environmental cleanup experts are friendly and helpful. We use the latest technology to make your environmental cleanup process fast and effective.